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Cultivate community led economic growth and career resilience.

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TCCCL Pitch Deck Presentation.png


A future of self-determined Eastern Carolinians with limitless opportunities and equitable economic growth.

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Our values are rooted in community, strategic thinking, continuous learning, and equity. We know that success can be out of reach for many in our region, which is why we're committed to making programs, resources, knowledge, and opportunities for personal and professional growth available and inclusive to everyone in Nash and Edgecombe County.


Join us today and discover all that Twin Counties Catalyst CoLab has to offer. We're here to help you achieve financial stability and career success, and to build a resilient, empowered community that's ready for whatever the future brings. Together, we can make a positive impact in the world.


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We believe in always pushing beyond the conversation, we are about making it happen! In order to be a catalyst for change we rely on understanding the context, proven processes, being resourceful, and self-initiative to transform ideas into action.

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We recognize that the tools needed for success are systemically inaccessible to everyone throughout our region. One of our goals is to make sure that access to programs, resources, knowledge, and opportunities for personal and professional growth are available and inclusive to all residents of Nash and Edgecombe County.

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We are committed to working with individuals, area leaders, and organizations to create a better and more sustainable future for the Twin Counties - economically and socially. We cultivate a collaborative space to develop innovative solutions to problems that are unique to our area by connecting diverse talents and perspectives.

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We are passionate about being lifelong learners. We support Twin County residents with learning opportunities to grow their experience and skills for their professional portfolio and life. We are committed to new and unconventional ideas in order to create new and long-lasting solutions..



Irese, New Freedom Hill Media,  helps start-ups, entrepreneurs,and small businesses to create visuals that portray their message and get them noticed.
Irese specializes in digital media production with a focus on digital film and photography.  Her knowledge and experience provide her with the ability to lead a team of designers and to deliver quality work.


Arlane Gordon- Bray, ANGB LLC, works with marginalized communities to understand the risks with the Future of Work and how to exploit the opportunities. She is a strategy consultant and owner of ANGB LLC. Arlane has over 10 years experience providing strategy consulting and risk management for Defense, private industry, and non profits in the US and internationally.


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